Case Study – Medical Practice

The technology of the practice’s existing telecom infrastructure had become antiquated and unreliable. As a result, the clinical and business work flows of the practice had become increasingly impacted by dropped calls, lost calls, challenges to communicate between interior offices and difficulty locating staff.

The equipment had aged to the point where annual maintenance costs were no longer acceptable as locating replacement parts became more difficult with each passing month. A well designed and efficient patient and staff-friendly telephone system is the lifeblood of a successful medical practice.

After considerable research, the Neurology Group of Bergen County engaged Abilita to conduct a thorough analysis of the practice’s existing lines and services with the goal of increasing operational efficiency and reducing costs.

Noteworthy accomplishments of this project:

    • Elimination of unnecessary telephone lines and services with an overall reduction in line costs.
    • Reduction in the costs of mid and long distance carrier charges through repackaging the services and negotiating rate reductions.
    • Implementation of a new Voice Over IP telephone infrastructure to provide the ability to merge voice and data communications, to integrate with the practice’s electronic medical record, and a significant reduction in the staffing required to support call center functions.

Testimonial from David Contento, Administrator, Neurology Group of Bergen County, P.A.

“The use of Abilita Consulting, and Lou Caprioglio in particular, proved to be a beneficial and rewarding business decision. Lou’s technical knowledge, integrity and attention to detail all contributed to his overall success as our consultant. Aside from his professional skills, Lou’s calm, reassuring demeanor made him an excellent fit for our development team and an invaluable asset for the successful completion of this project”.

admin@abilita.comClient – Medical Practice