Case Study – Midwestern Regional Bank

The engagement with this regional bank (80 branches) was an all data project. Abilita managed the entire RFP process for the client and advised them in the signing of a $5 million data services contract. Abilita designed a resilient network that allowed the Bank to support current applications while providing a solid foundation for their future network growth.

The following are some of the tasks performed:

  • Review and analysis of the client’s existing data network infrastructure
  • Recommendations on decreasing network complexity
  • Eliminating single points of failure
  • Determining the number and types of connections used and the recovery methods employed
  • For the head office connectivity, key options were considered and recommendations made with regard to MLPP vs CEF, Tasman router vs direct to Cisco router, Single vs dual homing gateways and Single vs dual CPR router.
  • IPSEC Implementation across geographically diverse PoPs and gateways
  • Routing of circuits across diverse SONET multiplexers and fibers to ensure shared infrastructure on the transmission layer is not replicated at the IP layer.
  • Site resilience and Route diversity
  • Designed a network without bottlenecks or choke points.
admin@abilita.comClient – Midwestern Regional Bank